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ABOUT purna yoga Bali

Purna in Sanskrit means complete.

We created Purna Yoga out of deep call to share yoga in its complete essence; with a focus on healing at the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels. 


📍 Ubud, Bali

An empowering week, full of ashtanga yoga (Mysore style), meditation and nourishing food. Immerse yourself in the practice, surrounded by beautiful rice fields, while still only 10 mins from Ubud, Bali.



📍 Tabanan, Bali

“The most eco-friendly & soulful retreat in Bali!”
A transformational week full of ashtanga yoga (
Mysore style), 
& self-growth workshops. Experience sustainable living and healing food straight from the permaculture garden. Being surrounded by breathtaking Balinese forests, rivers and waterfalls, well away from civilization! 

200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

📍Ubud, Bali

Joining this 24 day immersive program you will invest in your holistic wellbeing, by nourishing your body, mind, emotions and spirit. You will sign up for a life changing journey, of inner transformation and self-healing.

The teachers

We Live, Love & Share Yoga

Rohil Jethmalani

Rohil has taught immersive retreat and teacher training programs in Morocco, Bali and India. He has spent long periods of time learning & practicing Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore-style, as well as classical Hatha with his teachers in Mysore and Rishikesh.

He believes that yoga is not simply a physical practice and strives to highlight the philosophies that underlie these rich and sacred traditions. His teachings are non-dogmatic, whereby different students receive unique and appropriate instruction to tailor the practice to their needs and not the other way around. 

He has also completed a masters in Cognitive Neuroscience to understand the scientific basis behind the various practices of yoga.

Ewelina Zablocka

Ewelina is a yoga teacher and holistic health coach. She is a dedicated practitioner of ashtanga yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

In her teachings, she supports others on their way towards balance, health and fulfilment. She sees wellbeing as a composite of many important aspects; such as emotions, health, mindset, relationships, spirituality, career and quality of life. 

She taught a variety of courses, teacher trainings and retreats in South East Asia, Europe and Middle East. She also writes books and creates online programs focused on holistic wellbeing.
As she found so much healing in yogic lifestyle, she feels the most happy when sharing the practice with others.

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It was an amazing experience for me. Morning practice in Mysore style and various theme workshop has brought me evident progress on my yoga asana journey. Ewelina and Rohil have combined the Ayurveda lifestyle perfectly in the retreat, not only just sharing Ayurveda knowledge, but also getting us the perfect taster for living the Ayurvedic lifestyle, including diet and the cleanser. It is a week for me to observe and feel the difference between the Ayurvedic lifestyle and my previous lifestyle, which helps me to grow my consciousness in forming a healthy lifestyle. It is also a loving journey to me where the couple is sharing so much love and kindness with us. this heals me a lot. Thank you for holding the beautiful retreat. I can’t wait to attend the next one!

- Angelina - China

Everything exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the location and accommodations provided. I was immediately welcomed and felt it was without judgement so I felt very comfortable letting my walls down right away. I really enjoy the Ashtanga practice and what it provides for my mental health since I am a stay-at-home mom. I felt the program could be beneficial for all levels. There was also knowledge shared of Ayurveda which is beneficial for all levels of a yoga practice so I found it a huge perk.

- Lindsay Borsuk - USA

One of the reasons I came to the Purna Yoga Retreat is to dive deeper into my spiritual practice. Rohil and Ewelina are basically the best teachers that I could ask for. They helped me so much with many things in my ashtanga practice. I never felt before like I could dive deeply into my meditation, but now every time on Rohil’s meditation I’m able to get really into the practice. The vibe on the retreat was very special, there was a lot of like minded people, and you could really feel that everyone came here to develop and to learn new things about themselves. Rohil and Ewelina always find adaptations, regressions and progressions, according to everyone needs. This makes their retreat a great opportunity for both beginners and more advanced practitioners! I can really feel improvements each and every day. Whether it’s an ashtanga practice, or just relaxing in shavasana or relaxing in the meditation practice. Every single day you get to know yourself better. I really feel that all this is coming out of Rohil's and Ewelina's heart, and I just really want more people to experience it!

- Gal By - Israel

Joining the 7-day retreat at Purna Yoga with Ewelina and Rohil was definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I love how even as a yoga beginner, I was able to learn at my own pace while Ewelina and Rohil guided and supported me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I met many beautiful people in the class and felt at home when we all practiced and had fun together! Thank you Ewelina and Rohil. The yoga community you've built and your belief in teaching yoga has touched me deeply. I can't wait to see you again! XOXO

- Julia Tsoi - Hong Kong

The retreat was the perfect combination of Ashtanga practice, amazing food & the sweetest people. Rohil & Ewelina are amazing teachers sharing their passion for Ashtanga. Having the Mysore style practice makes it perfect for all skills level and through their 1:1 adjustment I was able to really improve my practice within the week. The place was also amazing in the middle of the rice fields, surrounded by nature - we could even see fireflies after an amazing sunset. It is a family-owned hotel and the people were so sweet & the homemade food (all vegetarian) was beyond. Can really recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to deepen or get into the practice of Ashtanga. Ewelina & Rohil put so much love & effort into every detail of this retreat, that in the end, you feel like family.

- Maike Topp - Germany

I've enjoyed staying with Rohil and Ewelina as they bring people into the world of Ashtanga. It's not only a morning exercise; it's a discipline and philosophy through discovering the abilities of your mind and body. It is an everyday work and progress. I liked the accommodation and especially the food. The retreat itself was intense, filled with practice, theory workshops, and little travels, where we were not only spending our time together but at the same time, we had a lot of time to rest, to have a nap during the intense day and spend some time on our own. It was a perfect balance for me. I felt pervaded but not exhausted. I recommend you join the retreat and experience all the benefits by yourself. I'm sure you will find something for yourself during this week and the time spent with Rohil and Ewelina.

- Olga Sachenok - Ukraine

I feel incredibly grateful for having attended the Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Bali with Rohil and Evelina, surrounded by breathtaking rice fields. This experience enabled me to fully immerse myself in the essence of Yoga, not only at a physical level but also at a mental and emotional level. It was a spiritual and healing journey, filled with enjoyable moments. Additionally, the quality of the food and accommodation was exceptional. Despite not being a vegetarian, I didn't miss meat at all and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious food. Rohil and Evelina are remarkable individuals who went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the retreat was perfect. Their passion, wisdom, loving kindness, and self-discipline are truly inspiring. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone yearning for a healing and spiritual experience.

- Yiying Cheng - China

Oct 21-27 marked a restoratively recharged time for me - a time of recharge, rest, complete relaxation, lots of laughters, and deep sincere connections. The journey started with 13 beautiful human beings from the world meet and connect at Bali. Elewina and Rohil, founders of Purna Yoga, welcomed us with wholehearted love, patience, guidance, and energy, curated a thoughtful lesson plan and guided us patiently through the 6 days, and crafted the hearties meal plan. The six days didn’t just expose me to Ashtanga Yoga and challenge me to listen to and stretch my body, but more importantly fostered an amazing energy circle of connection, nonjudgmental listening, and self-reconciliation. The most memorable and beautiful moment for me was meditation on day 3 evening, when 13 beautiful ladies cuddled silently in darkness, and love just flows. No word is needed because our hearts connect naturally, regardless of who we are, where we are, what we desire; we know we are present.

- Sherry Yang - China

My journey with yoga began one year ago in India. From then onwards I practiced regularly but then it used to be for me an exercise to stay fit. In October 2023 I joined Purna Yoga retreat. The week with Ewelina’s and Rohil’s care was a wonderful experience! Especially when it comes to the yoga practice - I felt like I’m truly starting to understand and experience what yoga is about. Their amazing skills, knowledge and individual approach to each of us made me feel that I can do so much more, and that I want to do so much more! At the same time I felt truly taken care of. I really liked that their retreat make us to develop good habits. Taking responsibility for our trash by minimising, segregating and recycling. Starting the day with ayurvedic cleansing for better health. Drinking jamu - Indonesian health drink, to detoxify and boost immunity. It was also an amazing culinary experience! The way the food was prepared and served was a huge joy for my body and soul. All of it while being surrounded by amazing nature. All of this made me feel taken care of, relaxed, excited and loved…I truly felt that I am in Bali. Thank you sooooo much!

- Kasia Chmiel - Poland
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“When the lifestyle is wrong medicine is of no use.

When the lifestyle is right medicine is of no need.”