Purna Yoga Bali

Ayurveda Lifestyle Course Online


Join us for this Ayurveda Lifestyle Course starting November 10th, 2024. The course will be spread over four weekends (Every Sunday). When: November 10,17,24 & December 1 @ 10:00am UTC / 18:00pm Bali. (Each session will last for 2hrs) Where: Live on Zoom What’s included:
  1. 4 Live lectures which include: The 3 Doshas, Dinacharya (Ayurveda Morning Routine) , Philosophy of Ayurveda, Tips to healing metabolism, Ayurvedic home remedies, holistic healing methods
    • Recordings from live sessions will be sent to you as well
  2. Lifetime accerss to pre-recorded videos explaining in depth:
    • Shanka Prakshalana: (Yogic Intestinal Cleansing)
    • Foundational Principles of Ayurveda
    • Doshas (Body Constitutions & how to self-assess)
  3. An Ayurveda Recipe Book (from the best Ayurvedic chef: my Mom!).
  4. Creating meaningful connection with like-minded people.