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Customers Reviews

It was an amazing experience for me. Ewelina and Rohil have combined the Ayurveda lifestyle perfectly in the retreat, not only just sharing Ayurveda knowledge, but also getting us the perfect taster for living the Ayurvedic lifestyle, including diet and the cleanser. It is a week for me to observe and feel the difference between the Ayurvedic lifestyle and my previous lifestyle, which helps me to grow my consciousness in forming a healthy lifestyle. It is also a loving journey to me where the couple is sharing so much love and kindness with us. this heals me a lot. . I can’t wait to attend the next one!



I’ve enjoyed staying with Rohil and Ewelina as they bring people into the world of Ashtanga yoga & Ayurveda. It’s not only a morning exercise; it’s a discipline and philosophy through discovering the abilities of your mind and body. It is an everyday work and progress.  It was a perfect balance for me.  I recommend you join the retreat or their Ayurveda courses and experience all the benefits by yourself. I’m sure you will find something for yourself during this week and the time spent with Rohil and Ewelina.

Olga Sachenok

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